I have worked with Heather several times in the past. On each and every occasion she did a truly beautiful job of producing wonderfully innovative music and sound design of the absolute highest quality...Her standards of work are incredibly high, and she has knowledge and capabilities to match. She works quickly, and is highly creative whilst fulfilling every aspect of the brief.

Personal reference by Lee Uren (USA)
Technical Director Industrial Light & Magic
Star Wars Episode II & III, Van Helsing...

It is my pleasure to introduce Heather Emmett as one of today's most creative and innovative sound designers. Her work itself shows her attention to detail. In the years I have known Heather she has shown considerable drive and talent. I am impressed with her work and professionalism.

Claude Letessier (Paris)
Supervising Sound Editor
The Mothman Prophecies, Underworld ...

Heather cares about sound and brings a musical ear to everything she works on. Sound design is a collaborative and conceptual process drawing on musical and created elements to create a sound world – Heather’s work is powerful and seductive. Her dedication and attention to detail is coupled with a creative approach and fine application of diverse analogue and digital skills. These techniques are summarised both in Heather’s sound output and in her academic discourse on the historical context of sound design.

Ian Dean, composer & producer (London)

Heather, nicely done distinctive sounds that were emotional. Very well designed and mixed, well thought out and appropriately stylized...

Gary Rydstrom (USA)
Supervising Sound Designer
Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Titanic...

Heather Emmett is not just a clever and dedicated researcher in the somewhat esoteric field of sound design, she is also a sound designer of no mean ability in her own right...

Rob James (England)
Dubbing Mixer

I am Claudio Simonetti, Italian musician and composer of film soundtracks. I know Heather Emmett and I know her work very well. I always appreciate it very much for the high quality, creativity and the great professionalism she uses to realise it.

Claudio Simonetti (Italy)
Film Music Composer
Suspiria, Tenebre, Deep Red (Dario Argento), Dawn of the Dead (George A. Romero)